Willowy and wanting

to experiment

by stretching to the time

of high expectations,

which the contented and closed

would never wish to see,

you are a beautiful model

of curious discontent

who like a magnet draws

the lively and the lustful.


Willowy and wanting

to realize the promise

of so many customs,

you mix the ingredients

of epicureans and hedonists,

cartwheel through life’s carnivals

yet know the need

to trim the sails,

feel for the wind

and tack towards the still harbour.


Willowy and wanting

to resist the claims

of those who might insist

that security begets success,

you show the philosopher’s touchstone –

the humour of humanity

the colours of your choosing

and each day your giving

an indispensable

spontaneity in kissing and hugging.


Such a reward to laugh with you

and what a fortune

for those who love you !


by Stuart Rees

A tribute to your 30th from the Norwegian coast… for July 6th, 2012.



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