‘Art is purposeful adaptation of Appearance to Reality… the purpose of art, is two-fold – namely Truth and Beauty.’ Alfred Whitehead, Adventure of Ideas, p. 266.juliet_bennett_04_Shape_Mag

Photographs tell stories. Through lights. Through angles. Through the lenses. Through the eyes of the photographer. And from deep within the eyes of the model. Feelings. Emotions. Thoughts. Moments in time, moments of truth and beauty, are captured forever.

It it wasn’t for the turn in my travels that saw long blonde hair shaved from my head, I might never have modelled in Paris, met the inspiring people I met, and learned the incredible lessons I learned, all of which delivered me to the philosophical location from which I share this blog.

This was my modeling portfolio. Just click one and it will pop up full size.

You never know what direction life will take you. Travel can turn into modelling which can turn into more travel, photography, more travelling and even to philosophy.

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