A month ago I passed through Costa Rica for two reasons (1) to check out the University for Peace and (2) being stingy (bargain flights to LA). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, like bear statues in Berlin a few years ago, and elephants in Copenhagen last year, San José was spotted with colourful statues of doves…

It is probably no surprise Costa Rica was hosting a “Parade for Peace” considering it also:

(1) has no army (abolished permanently in 1949)

(2) is considered the “greenest” country in the world (and is planning to be the first carbon-neutral country by 2021)

(3) ranks first in the Happy Planet Index [1]

(4) houses the world’s first University for Peace

(5) is soon to be the HQ for The Earth Charter (more next entry…)

It’s also probably not much of a surprise that the University for Peace was up in the mountains in one of the most… wait for it… peaceful places to study. Hm… maybe I’ll go back one day…


[1] Ashley Seager (2008-07-04). “Costa Rica is the world’s happiest and greenest country in the world.”. London: Guardian.co.uk. Retrieved 2009-07-04.