There is no such thing as enemies. They don’t exist UNLESS YOU CREATE THEM.

Australia sends “modern warrior’s”, off to “wage war against new and real threats” in the Middle East. Their mission is to: “kill the enemy,” “attack rogue states,” “stop terrorists,” and “protect our country and our way of life.”

Saddam Huisain and Osama bin Laden? Are they still alive? Who really knows? We do know for sure that they were once on the CIA payroll (I read that in academic peer-reviewed books) but other than that the stories blend together into a big pile of propaganda bullshit, excuse my language.

Ok, I get that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are a threats. But what’s our plan? To try to hunt them down and kill them all??? Come on get real! When has force ever solved anything? What do they really want? Yes, I know they want an Islamic world… But beneath this, when the religious and political indoctrination is stripped away, what is it they really want???

We are all human. Don’t you think they want the same as we want? Happiness and love and fulfillment and peace. Yet war strips all these things away to leave sadness, fear, destruction and violence. Not only for the people involved in the war – but for all people that inhabit this planet.

Sure something has to be done about terrorism but is polarising them as the “enemy” and sending soldiers with guns into foreign lands to hunt them down an intelligent way to go about it? How many billions of dollars go into “defence”? And how much money goes into addressing the points that terrorists are trying to make???

Wars are bullshit. Big boys at the top playing with human puppets. Creating enemies. Dividing the world up into “goodies” and “baddies” – declaring them as one then changing them to the other – depending where the oil and opium deposits take them.

What does it come down to? MONEY. GREED. POWER.

How could the money being used on arms and armed forces be used to delve into the issues – to work with psychologists and conflict analysts and dialogue groups to come up with real solutions?

I understand there are more layers and dynamics to the global stage than I will ever comprehend (least of not because much of it is top secret information I will never have access to)… what I do know is that alternative solutions are necessary.

What is needed is some form of paradigm shift – a shift in worldview that recognises war and violence as the obsolete and wasteful approach to conflict resolution that it is. As the Dalai Lama says, in the globalised new world, where our survival is interdependent on our interaction with each other and our environment, war is outdated. Conflicts must be resolved through dialogue.


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