When someone goes straight to the point and says “I want…”, it can appear a little confronting, but there certainly is power in it. You know what you want and you have the confidence to ask for it. Respect.

Conversing on this topic my friend observed that people often ask for things (especially in Australia) starting with “Sorry, but can I…”

Are you sorry? If you were actually sorry, would you still be asking the question? In such a scenario, is “sorry” a useless and inauthentic forerunner to expressing what you want? If you want something, or do not want something, why not just say it???

This conversation inspired me to reflect on my own language and hesitations in asking for what I want.

My Spring resolution: say “I want” and don’t apologise for it.

Hm… but what is it that I want? Right now, I want to go to bed. Good night 🙂