I wake not long after the sun

Without the beeping of alarms

In tune with what my body needs

Goldilocks amounts

I am grateful for another day

The most precious gift of time

Blessed in my clarity

Of meaning, self and drive

Energy beats high, 

Positivity abounds

A feeling of connectedness

To everything around

I am a cosmic process 

A part of a greater whole

This calms my deepest fears 

Directs my care to one and all

I think of what I’m grateful for 

I thank The Source for life

I think of what I want today

Clarity, creativity, freedom from strife

I walk among the trees 

I walk by the sea

I watch people do the same

I smile and take in the breeze

I see myself inside others

Thrown in different shoes

Celebrate their success 

Feel their blues

A dog jogging, a duck swimming, 

A bird soaring, an ant struggling

I am you and you are me

We are IT.