My sister, Nicole Bennett, was the first person to introduce me to “Fair trade”. She travelled to Burma, India and other countries getting the bad end of the globalisation stick, long before I did, and became passionate about making a difference. She inspired me to want to make a difference too. I’m (hopefully) doing it through my research and writing. Nicole’s doing it through her (soon to be certified) fair trade eco-friendly fashion label “Enough”.

“Enough” is all about knowing when to say “enough is enough” – enough injustice, enough poverty, enough destruction of our environment, (slightly paradoxically, she knows) enough stuff!

These are a couple of photos from her look book shoot last year:

There are more photos of me modeling her stuff of far better resolution on Margaret Zhang’s blog:

And now the favour I have to ask:

Nicole is close to winning a free website in a competition. If you could spare 30 seconds of your time to click this link and then click “like” next to her label – “Enough” – then she has a very good chance of winning:

The competition ends in 3 days and 22 hours from now so PLEASE help her!!! Thank you so much!

PS Nicole has been blogging her journey here (although she’s let it lapse a bit…):