“Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour,” said the William Cowper, an English poet of the 18th century.

Food tastes okay without spices, but can anyone deny the enhancement of flavours when little salt and spice is added to the palate?

When it comes to life, I see nothing wrong with a life that plots along – working, watching television, catching up with friends, etc. etc… but like spice to food, variety gives life a whole new flavour.

This year I have experimented with some new spices – a new home, a new job, a new degree, a new sport … but in the process I seem to have let some of my old favourites expire.

Last week I pulled some out of my pantry, and made the most incredible dish (so to say): I taught my first Pilates class and did my first photoshoot for 2010. Somehow in my bookish ways I had forgotten the joy I get from these things.

While it’s great to embrace the new, and to get focussed on something in particular, life seems to get better the more varied the activities it involves.

Of course there are limits. Like a tummy after over-spiced foods, we don’t want to overdo it.

In the pursuit of balance this week has reminded me that in the process of discovering new spices, try not forget the old. Looking ahead to 2010 I see no reason not to mix the two together… and I wonder what creative flavours they may concoct?

I will keep this post short and sweet, and leave you with a little question: how tasty is your life?


Taken by Tenda in Tokyo (sorry Tenda, I forget your last name) back in 2006.