Yesterday morning’s crazy events almost repeated themselves that night.

The girl who sang dirty cat, was back. In a hat. No not really in a hat. I just added that. Okay…. moving on. So she was back, and drunk again. No screaming or glass shattering this time – just a slurred whining voice.

At around 11pm when I put my garbage outside I noticed two cops walk into our building. Oooo ho hoooo…

I don’t know who called them. It wasn’t me. Actually I am guessing it was the boy himself, not up for another night of Dirty Cat. And I’m glad he did. Neither was I.

I just thought I’d share so you know the end to yesterday’s sorrow-filled tale. We can all can rest peacefully knowing that the girl who sang Dirty Cat isn’t lying in a ditch somewhere.

I must admit I’m happy that the Dirty Cat won’t be back. In a hat. Ahhh, don’t start that again!

Extra Little Funny Thing:

So when I googled “dirty cat” to find a picture to header this with, I came across this youtube video. It made me laugh so I thought I’d share.


It’s not as dirty as it looks – apparently the cat is just sniffing. Hmmm…. still pretty dirty.

Picture Credit:

No idea – it’s just a friend and I at a “Feline” theme house warming party. So I guess we are kind of dirty cats.

A Personal Note:

I’ll try to make my next post something a little more worthwhile than the last couple. I think it’s about time I do the Big History Series Blog Entry #2.

Although… they do say laughter is the best medicine, so maybe it’s good putting things like this in the mix?

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