How would it feel to have consciousness without a brain?

Check out these flowers! My cousins gave them to me sometime between Christmas and New Year when they popped by to check out my new home. I didn’t have a large vase so we hunted around for something and settled on the empty cachaca bottle awaiting me to put it in recycling. I’m not the best with changing water on flowers, or watering plants for that matter, and look what I discovered!

Flowers like alcohol!

It makes them all genki and happy and stuff.

The flowers in the water diluted ever so little with a remaining drop of cachaca (the best spirit in the world – that comes from Brazil) look like they’re going to last forever, while the ones in the glass are whithering away. And the water with alcohol stays clean too – I’ve only changed the water in the Cachaca bottle once, while the small vase that had the left-over flowers in it has constantly gone mildewy and needed changing many-a-times.

What does this mean?

Do flowers have a consciousness and are they high on this water??!

Should I be feeding my plants a drop of spirits too?

Can alcohol have similar life-extending benefits for me too?

Or is it just making the dying process a more enjoyable one?

Either way… another bottle of cachaca please!!!