Sydney is my New York. And I am Carrie Bradshaw, sitting at my computer with an apple (or cachaca & pineapple as it is), pondering and writing about life, love and the city that is my new home.

I’ve been here just one week and already “getting to know” some people in my building and neighbourhood. It’s not quite sex in the city – I don’t move that fast – but coffees, dinners, muscley men helping move furniture and maybe just a little besos.

This week I also managed to host a couple of chrissy celebrations – with girls from school, with my South America travel buddies and other friends from here and there. With New Years Eve generally a non-event for me in Sydney I have been considering cramming my studio with a “traffic light” party – where you where red if your taken, orange if your not sure and green if you are ready to go! I’ve never been to one but it sounds like a fun way to combine housewarming with NYE and help singles meet other singles. Even if cupid doesn’t make any matches at least it would involve bright colours, Brazilian drinks, and the celebration of 2010 with a bang – fireworks at Bondi that is… 🙂