Just a cute little post to encourage a laugh and smile on a Friday afternoon.

The sleeping puppy above (small black mound of fur) is Bella, and that’s my youngest sister in 2004 – the only photo a sleeping dog I can find atm to header this post.

First, if you haven’t seen the “Sleepwalking Dog” then watch this first:


And now check out my crazy sister!!


That’s my Opa at the end of the clip – taken less than one month ago after he returned from hospital… he looks so healthy. Man what three weeks without food can do 🙁

Happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts…

On uncovering the sleeping puppy photo I took a short trip down memory lane, uncovering another couple of photos I just had to share:

bella at the beach

In the next one she looks like my Galapagos sea lion pups all covered with sand…


How cute are my sisters and little baby Bella!!!

And a closing quote (that doesn’t really have anything to do with sisters or puppies – although if you know Bella’s story you may beg to differ) – that I recently saw in a toilet cubicle of the fairtrade coffee shop in Glebe:

“Better to regret something you did, then to regret something you didn’t do.”

So as Aunty Jack might say “farewell my lovelies” – get out there and have an unregrettable weekend!!!