Live life for money

Accumulate many things

Get into debt

Rejoice what this brings:

More work, less time

Fear material loss

Forget impermanence

Decay of time is boss

What’s left is a story

A story of Capital

Of slavery to a system

Of exploitation, greed and battle

The poor are famished

So the “rich” can get fat

Anti-depressants prescribed

Are we blind as a bat?

Like vampires we suck

Our earth’s blood dry

Chop down our trees,

Destroy clean air supply

Our planet is straining

Millions to billions in 200 years

Our reckless neglect

Brings no one to tears

“A tax on emissions

will solve everything”

“But it’s not my fault!”

Libs continue to sing

No one is responsible

The bottom line rules

Here we are dictated to

By a whole bunch of fools

Copenhagen approaches

We need to think BIG

Look past the next election

Shift the system to peace

A communistic-capitalism?

Valuing lives over wealth

Stop consuming, stop exploitation

Start planning, love in action.