I love learning where words come from. England, according to wikipedia, comes from the Old English Englaland, the “Land of the Angles”, the Angles being a German Tribes from the Middle ages. Learn something new every day – I always assumed it meant ‘my land” or something unoriginal like that.. you know, like the naming of all the monuments in Sydney: the “Harbour Bridge” for a bridge across the harbour, the “Opera House” for the theatre where opera is played , the “Centerpoint” tower for the tallest tower in the center of the city. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I mean, it does make sense even if its a little boring.

Anyway, back to the Circles in the Land of Angles…

These four shots are the latest to join my “Crab” series, taken during my July trip to Oxford and London in July.

tower bridge

Tower bridge, London

oxford lake

Farmoor Reserve, Oxfordshire UK


Some ruins near Oxford


Buckingham Palace

I was hoping to make it to Paris and get some shots in front of Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and go to Barcelona and Rome – but the peak holiday period made tripping around much less enticing… the South of France was lovely and I think I got another “crab” shot there  but they’re buried in my files so I’ll have to save that for another story.