I tend not to write when everything is going well. There’s little need. Such peace, in a sense, is boring. At least when it comes to content for a blog.

I also tend not to write when I’m “too busy”. When all my energy is being directed elsewhere: into work, relationships, exercise or otherwise.

For a lover of writing this tension can be sickening to their being. But, there are times in life when time must be diverted in this way. The shorter the period of such a diversion the better.

A blog is not the only place where one might write. It might be a diary. It might be a book, a piece of research or even some kind of business proposal or marketing blurb. What makes it “count”? The effect it has on your being.

Moral of this short blog?

Make time to do some daily writing, if writing is food for your soul.

And if not?

Then find what is, and do that at least once a day, to keep your heart content.