“You are what you eat” – yes, this is true. But also “you are what you read” (and what you watch and hear)…

My mentor once told me that what you are reading now, and who you are talking to, is the biggest indicator of where you will be in five years time.

Connected to this month’s project of revisiting what I learned in Peace and Conflict Studies pre-blog, it was interesting for me to read this piece of writing written three years ago in October 2007, which is pre-uni (before I’d even heard of “Peace and Conflict Studies”).

Diary from October 2007

More and more movies are being released that inform audiences of issues faced by developing countries. I just saw one called Bordertown, with Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas in Mexico, on subject of workshops and a horrible murderer & rapist whom was actually a white man abusing his power.

The other, Blood Diamond, taught me about the horrible things that occur in Africa, with civil war where rebels are killing thousands of innocent people, in any areas that diamonds or other valuable products such as oil, have been found.

People’s purpose of life is to protect their family and to survive to see the next day. If they think about a god, they think he must be dead, for why would a god allow such things to happen to his people. Individual lives are held with no value.

I am so unaware of the lives that these people live, the pain they experience, and the how these are connected to things like us buying diamond rings.

It’s so sad to think that on one planet I am here living in a large house, with my mum owning her own large house, my dad owning his, where I have a car, can go where I like, when I like, I am free to do whatever I want with my life, I can travel, learn, use my computer, I can go to parties, I can go to the beach, I can shop and spend money on clothes, food, luxuries… I live a life so good, so blessed, completely free.

And at the same time as I live like this, the number of people that die every second is so large. People are being killed like insects while I live here in a fools paradise, completely oblivious to the pain that the majority of the world’s population faces.

It’s interesting to think about the fact that this happens. It also made me think about how the world has found itself in this state. Considering it is now the year 2007 with a world population of 6 billion people, when only 2000 years the population was 300 million, how did this inequity come about? How is it fair? How did I get so lucky?

Now I start to understand more the reasons that scientists have come up with the evolution theory, and why buddists and hindu believe in reincarnation. Both these theories seem much more realistic than the idea of a God who ‘cares’ about his people, and yet allows things to be so unfair.

The pain and horror that Africans face every day of their lives, why? Why? Why? I just don’t understand.

Reflecting in October 2010

My writing style (I think/hope) has come a long way – it’s nice to see some development. It’s also refreshing to be reminded of my naive innocence, and of some of the roots of my “search for truth”.

What I think is most interesting about this piece of writing is to see how seeds can be planted, be it with something you read, watch or hear, and how within a few years these seeds can quickly grow into seedlings and plants.

What are books are you reading today? What music are you listening to? What movies are you watching? Who are you spending your time with? … Is this reflective of where you want to be in 5 years time?


I took in Bowral on my sister’s weekend wedding back in July.