So I’m still writing my book – the novel on South America – well, I’m editing it. It’s a tough. I like writing, but not a big fan of editing and filling in the gaps. Does anyone knows a good editor? Anyway, while searching for the name of a strange animal I came across while traveling along Ruta 40 – a 36 hour bus ride – down Argentina. Yes, you heard me right – THIRTY SIX HOURS ON A BUS. Along the way I met a what I now know is called a Pink Fairy Armadillo – which looks like a bit like an echidna, just without the spikes. (photo above).

While googling “echidna-like animals in Argentina” I also came across this Worlds Strangest Looking Animals website. These were a couple of them:

elephant_shrew_Worlds_strangest_looking_animals-s450x338-2312-580Elephant Shrew

star_nosed_mole_Worlds_strangest_looking_animals-s1360x673-2274-580Star nosed mole

I wonder if an elephant began as an elephant shrew? Richard Dawkins’ The Ancestors Tale tells how humans evolved from shrew-like creatures. Did you know whales are related to pigs? I’ll tell you more about that later. What a weird and wonderful world this is…