Bored? Never! Check out this website:

In particular I recommend:

Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky … if you haven’t seen this one you better watch it NOW!

The War on Democracy – The US manipulates politics of South America

The Power of Nightmares – The rise of the Religious Right in America, and Islamic Fundamentalists.

Jesus Camp – SCARY!

The Story of God – explores the history of humanity’s search for our creator.

Zeitgeist – as I mentioned yesterday – a must see.

The Corporation – Damn corporations.

The 11th Hour – Leonardo Dicaprio carries on from “inconvenient” message Al Gore shared with us.

And I’m sure heaps more are great. Check it out!!!

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I sneakily snapped this photo in a museum in Peru or Ecuador (no cameras allowed) – they are little Inca statues in erotic positions… You can actually buy packs of cards that each have a picture of a different statue in a different tantric-sex-like pose. I bought some as a gift, now wish I had them to show hehehe funny stuff. How fun is exploring different cultures! I wonder what India has in store for me next month…. okay, I gotta stop yabbering. Enjoy your weekend!