A long long (but fun) bus trip down route 40 brought us to El Calafate in South Argentina where we thought we would see “Climate Change” in action. Glaciar Perito Moreno melted before our very eyes but it is interesting to note that it has always done this and is actually one of the few glaciers that is still growing. We then made our way back up along the East Coast up to Rio Colorado where Rachel sought the secrets to sharing it’s water… my favourite moment was the ant at the end… and sorry – I couldn’t help but add my corny subtitles 🙂


Music Credits:

Across The Universe, Jim Sturgess – Across The Universe Soundtrack

Across The Universe, Alicia Keys, Alison Krauss, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bono, Brian Wilson, Norah Jones, Steven Tyler, Stevie Wonder, Tim McGraw & Velvet Revolver.