On the 19th of November last year I left Australia on the most exciting adventure of my life thus far – a crazy fast tracked expedition around South America. A desire had been growing ever since I’d noticed the incredible energy of my Brazilian friends in Tokyo. Brazilians seem to sing and dance through life. Their language, the way they walk, the way they talk – so sexy, relaxed and cool.

I’d also begun writing a number of books, wanting to communicate particular ideas or my crazy experiences, but none of them had been quite right. Yet it was one year ago now that the stars aligned in my favor. I had travel buddies, my ticket, and a pen and paper – something inside me told me this was my book. A travel novel/ spiritual journey – Eat Pray Love meets Bill Bryson but with a little chick lit thrown in for the fun of it…

Synopsis/back cover:

With wild fantasies, insatiable curiosity and deep faith, Juliet sets off on a fast-tracked expedition around South America. Along the way she strips lust, love and life down to bare facts, honest truths and confronting realities. Join the adventure: follow Darwin’s footsteps in Galapagos, explore ancient Inca mysteries, and chase men across salt-lakes, deserts, volcanos and coastlines. Learn, laugh, cry, dance, and fall in-love. A tale of friendship, love, and connecting with a universe that conspires to make everything you dream come true. This travel memoir, biography and spiritual journey is revealing, challenging and peace-inspiring.

Three months flew yet felt like three years. The journey felt like the book was already written, we were just playing out our roles in its movie (which I believe will come one day too). But back in Sydney my studies stole my time and only now are the stars are realigning in my book’s favor. This month I’m going to write as much as I can. And then try to find a publisher… in the meantime I thought I might share a few snippets and film clips with you, posting them on their one year anniversaries.