Language warning: there is a lot of “shit” in this post.

People are constantly dealing with shit. Sometimes people feel like shit, they treat others like shit, they spread shit all over the place.

The arrogant kid on the street, the snickering old lady in a shop, the road rage, people with bad attitudes, negative energies, people who think that dreams are not possible.

99.999999% of the time, other people’s shit is all about that person, and nothing to do with the people that surround them.

It is easy to absorb other people’s shit, and to start to feel shit our selves because of it.

It is easy to let others bad moods bring out down, but it is not helpful in any way.

When I catch myself thinking “what’s their problem?” I try to remind myself that their problem is just that: it’s their problem. Not mine.

Other people’s shit their shit, and it’s up to them to clean it up.

The best thing one can do is take care of one’s own shit, to see the funny side of people’s shit, to hold onto positive energy and humour, and let your good mood trump their bad one.