My friend has a philosophy: Always Do, rather than Not-Do. “You remember the things you do,” he explains, “but it’s not like you look back and reminisce all those nights sitting on a couch.”

Wednesday night was cold and rainy, but we made it to a free gig at Folk Club at Oxford Arts Factory. We did rather than didn’t-do. And I’m so glad… it was a memorable night. The music was magic.

Jack Carty was the first of the line up and in my opinion, while the other two artists – Wes Carr and The Falls – were great, Jack’s offered something else. His lyrics, energy and integrity… words cannot describe. There were two moments where I heard myself think “this is what it means to be human.”

There was a sense of authenticity, open and real and might I say spiritual, about Jack. He’d got in touch with a part of what (as cliche as it sounds) being alive, being human, is all about. I’ve had his CDs on repeat ever since.


If you get a chance to check out Jack live, then DO.

Ditto for other decisions and options in your life. It’s a simple philosophy: “always do, rather than not-do” — you never know what will come out of it..