I am one, I am many,

I am part of something more

I dream, I wake, I laugh, I cry

I see a door, and I imagine…

A shift,

A new direction

From hierarchies, pyramids

To systems, patterns, webs

From unchanging objects

To dynamic relationships

From “ego” to “eco”

Farewell fear, embracing change

Why do you care?

Confused eyes gaze

What can you do?

Dismissal, a maze

Life is short,

At least it seems

I’ve never found happiness

In materials and such things

When I wake

I want to feel alive

Have meaning, have a purpose

A reason not yet to die

Giving gives more to the giver

I believe this to be true

As time is a gift so

My care for our world too

When I look and listen

When I feel, I understand

My fellow beings suffer

At the perils of their own hand

Suicide and depression,

Obsession with the unreal

Status, money, vanity

Unconscious ignorant un-bliss

Layers of stories

True yet not whole

A leg of the elephant

Much more to learn

Blind, I am, to those things

I do not wish to see

The systems, the networks

That connect you to me

The truth may hurt

But the pain will go away

That’s the cycle

Creation, destruction, creation

The separations, the unity

Each is true

Each has its purpose

As I, and as you

Without the land,

The oceans and the trees

Species will perish

Humans to bees

This is why I care

Why I look for change

I want to live on

In many different ways

What’s through the door?

How to we open it?

I think it’s through LOVE

A love of life: self, other, all.

Poem written 30 April 2011.

Photo from a Japanese TV show sometime in 2005.