Money is a motivator, but only so much as if you don’t pay enough they won’t be motivated. Dan Pink says, in this RSA production, that after this basic benchmark is reached there are three factors that lead to better performance and personal satisfaction:

1. Autonomy – desire to be self directed

2. Mastery – be challenged and grow/learn from it

3. Purpose – make a contribution / be part of some kind of transcendent purpose


I think this sums up my own motivations, and not just for work. At times that I feel my life is lacking in autonomy, mastery and purpose, it doesn’t matter how much money I am earning I do not feel particularly excited about getting up in the morning. A lack of these things in the things I do daily seems to lead me toward procrastination, dissatisfaction, and depression.

I wonder how the naming of these motivational factors might be useful in future work and life decisions…

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