The first shot blows me away. I focus my eyes, level the gun and POW! My arms jolt up. The bullet hits the paper target.

The second shot. Ok. I’m getting used to this. No idea where the bullet landed.

The third shot. Bulls eye! Well almost. It went somewhere in the circle, or so some dude tells me.

The fourth shot. Woooo. Feeling a bit dizzy. My eyes. Blink. Blink.

The fifth shot. I rest my arms. Blink…. Blink. Why won’t my eyes focus?

The sixth, seventh, eighth. I imagine the target is a person. I can’t help it. “Are you ok?” The dude asks. I pause. I can do this.

The ninth shot. A little better.

The tenth. One round of ammunition. I’m done.

Ok, so I get the power thing. Shooting a gun was fun. But the reality of guns isn’t. I don’t think the pleasure of guns is worth the pain. Why can’t everyone in the world just decide to destroy all their guns, all at once? Individuals probably would. It’s the big boys earning MONEY from the gun trade that won’t. Corporations have the power. Far more power than the gun I shot. Forget “rogue states”… war wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for these money-hungry corporate rogues who, because of the rules of the game, can’t even be tried for crime.

Do you know anyone in the arms trade? Maybe we can shame them into stopping it??? No money is worth the amount of lives guns take.

BTW the picture above was my 18th Austin Powers birthday party – no party will ever top that one.