At the moment so much is happening every day that I feel like three days fit into one.

This morning I finish uploading the basics of this website and “took the next step” – announcing it on facebook. Facebook is interesting – with the click of a few buttons you can make a public announcement to almost everyone you know or have even randomly met somewhere along your life’s journeys.

My sister never changed her “status” to “in a relationship” until one week ago AFTER she got engaged. Her and her new man  decided to “take the next step” and pronounce their love to their worlds. I’m still yet to try out twitter – I wonder if that will be as addictive as facebook…

I felt proud as I hit the SHARE button. Even if Mr Stark did all the hard yards with getting me a good theme, the widgets tools, and fixing errors. It may be a year later than originally promised, but this site is much better than it would have been a year ago. This did mean I didn’t blog my trip to South America although I think the adventures that culminated in that trip will be best captured in a travel novel I’m working on. 500 pages of random notes! It’s overwhelming but I do get so excited every time I sit down to write… sitting on my bed with my computer in my lap I can close my eyes and be exploring Inca ruins in Peru, back on the 4wd Bolivian salt-lake tour with five gorgeous Brazilian men, or laying on the beaches of Bahia eating the fruits of paradise. Mmmmm mmmm…. South America. I’m in LOVE!

Ok, I promised myself that after setting up the basics of this website I would get into my uni readings. I read the two shortest articles for the week (only 5 long ones to go) – and then I realised I needed to order business cards today or else I wouldn’t have them for my exhibition next Tuesday. Then some work for my Dad business, and on my way home I… NEARLY DIED. Literally – I’m not just making this up to add excitement to my first blog entry.

So I was turning right off a main road and judging the distance between the oncoming traffic I decided there was space to go. Suddenly there was a big white van approaching my right hand side at an alarming speed. I pressed down on the accelerator and swerved to my left. The driver saw me and slowed down and swerved to his left. We missed each other, and missed the traffic that was approaching. My heart skipped a beat and is now a couple of hours later, still beating faster than normal. Thank you my Guardian Angel – I owe you one – AGAIN…

With a renewed appreciation for life I got home and relived our travel tradition – cooked tuna in it’s tin. And since this is a photo blog and I have to upload a photo to each blog entry so that it works, I thought I’d upload a shot of my tuna and share this tip given to me by my Israeli friend Liran Katzir on the road from Pucon in Chile, to Bariloche in Argentina – two stunning lakes and mountains districts where I had so say goodbye to my Brazilian lover (for the time being) and hello to the long road south.

Ok, so here’s the best traveler’s trick of the book:

1. buy tuna IN OIL

2. cut a square of paper towel (toilet paper will also suffice if you can stomach that idea)

3. soak the square in the oil and light the corners

4. watch the flames for 20 minutes

5. remove the paper, take a fork and enjoy!!!

Also good for lazy nights. Tonight I teamed it with a raw carrot (while waiting – 20 min is a long time when you are hungry), sweet potato and broccoli and corn – all cooked very lazily in the microwave… and Bob’s your uncle – dinner is done. Ok it’s not so glamorous but it does the job. Don’t get me wrong – I love to cook. In fact I cook for my grandfather all the time. But seriously, this tuna tastes great. And well, the vegies are good for you and with a little salt and pepper it tastes pretty alright too.

tuna on fire